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Golden Age of Danish Pornography 2, The  (DVD) Golden Age of Danish Pornography 2, The

Udgivet 24. april 2014 af Pink Flamingo PFE0020 / UPC# 7035534104286

Golden Age of Danish Pornography 2, The  (DVD) - Klik her for at se billedet i stor størrelse.
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Medierådets aldersgrænse. 1970-1974
Danmark - Farve
Late NightStumfilm
Filmens specifikationer
Original titel: Golden Age of Danish Pornography, The
Instruktør: Freddy Weiss
Stikord: 1970'erne
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Same Cast
DVD-pladens specifikationer
TV-system:   PAL DVD-pladen har regionalkoden 2.Region:
Oprindelse:  Danmark

- dansk film

Tekster: Ingen
Sprog: Ingen


Brugernes bedømmelse:

Antal stemmer: 3

Gennemsnit: 8.7 ud af 10

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The Golden Age of Danish Pornography

The Golden Age of Danish Pornography is a collection of vintage 8mm hardcore films from the 1970s - directed by Danish Porn Pioneer Freddy Weiss. In the 1970s Weiss started making his own pornographic films and released them in series such as Playgirl and Venus Films. Considered as 'lost films' for decades Pink Flamingo Entertainment have finally unearthed the original negatives of many of these classic films and are proud to present them on DVD.

The films were originally recorded and released without sound. However, to ensure your viewing pleasure we have added a suitably sleazy soundtrack to this deluxe DVD edition, composed by vintage porn aficionado Alex Puddu.
Tekst fra omslag

Specielt om denne udgivelse:

  1. After the Party: The remaining guests are getting comfy in the brown leather sofas, champagne is popped and suddenly they’re getting to know each other a whole lot better.
  2. Anal Satisfaction: Steamy sausages in hot fire make a couple of young girls hungry for more. Fortunately their boyfriends are happy to help.
  3. Big Date: A determined bachelor with no time to waste surprises his young date with more than just flowers.
  4. Birthday Sex: Groovy 70's interiors, delicate flower arrangements, filled chocolates and strong booze set the scene for a birthday party where everyone gets apiece of the action.
  5. Burning Arse: Feeling left out, one girl starts to undress, and casual conversation turns into a raunchy threesome.
  6. Office Sex: Pipe-smoking boss invites typewriting secretary into his office for an intimate talk and things start to develop from there.
  7. Picnic: The perfect spot in the forest and a basket full of beer and sausages is all you need for a playful picnic.
  8. Pleasant Interruption: A game of strip dice gets interrupted by a shocked young lady who doesn’t take too long to recover and join in on the fun.
  9. Served Black: The sultan of sausages serves a special meal for a female gourmet.
  10. The Negro and the Maid: The delivery boy brings beer for the household but the maid seems to be thirsting for more.
  11. Triangle Sex: Two hoodlums hanging on the street corner waiting for sadistic satisfaction.
  • Spilletid i alt: ca. 94 minutter
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