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Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: Season 3 (3-disc) (DVD) Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: Season 3 (3-disc)

Udgivet 17. januar 2006 af 20th Century Fox FOX2266481 / UPC# 024543221739

Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: Season 3 (3-disc) (DVD) - Klik her for at se billedet i stor størrelse.


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Medierådets aldersgrænse. CBS - 1970-1977
USA - Farve - pr eps 30 min
Filmens specifikationer
Original titel: Mary Tyler Moore Show, The
Instruktør: James L. Brooks
  Allan Burns
Mary Richards  Mary Tyler Moore
Lou Grant  Edward Asner
Murray Slaughter  Gavin MacLeod
Rhoda Morg'stern  Valerie Harper
Ted Baxter  Ted Knight
Phyllis Lindstrom  Cloris Leachman
Gordon Howard   John Amos
Marie Slaughter  Joyce Bulifant
Georgette Baxter   Georgia Engel
Bess Lindstrom  Lisa Gerritsen
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Stikord: Sitcom
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DVD-pladens specifikationer
TV-system:  NTSC DVD-pladen har regionalkoden 1.Region:
Oprindelse:  USA
Anamorphic (16:9) Trailer
Production Notes Music video
Documentary Music score
Commentary Fact track
Interviews Gallery
Multi-angles Cast & Crew
Hidden Features Outtakes
DVD-Rom features Deleted scenes
Antal plader: 3Denne udgivelse indeholder 3 plade(r).
Billedformat Lydformat Sprog Tekster
Standard Academy
DD 1.0
Aspect Ratio Kassette Pladetype Faste tekster
1,34 : 1 Keep Case DVD9 Ingen


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Antal stemmer: 1

Gennemsnit: 10.0 ud af 10

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Welcome back to WJM-TV Minneapolis!

Over its seven-year run, The Mary Tyler Moore Show won twenty-nine Emmy Awards, more than any other comedy in television history. Now get ready to turn back the dial to 1970 and rejoin the gang from WJM - the lowest-rated (but most hilarious) evening news show in Minneapolis. Relive all the laughter with Mary, Lou, Murray, Ted and Rhoda as this classic TV show arrives on DVD!

Husk også spinoff-serien Lou Grant, hvori Edward Asner fortsætter i rollen som øh ja... Lou Grant.

Tekst fra omslag

Specielt om denne udgivelse:

In its third season, this groundbreaking comedy explored topics previously taboo on network television. Deftly woven in with the hilarity of the busy newsroom and repeated outrageous attempts by Mary's friends to set her up with Mr. Right came episodes dealing with divorce, meddling parents, self-esteem, and the inevitable mid-life crisis when one fears that life has somehow passed them by. But this classic comedy pulled off these subjects with humor, style and wit, reminding viewers why they identified with - and loved - the WJM-TV gang so much.
  • 24 episoder fordelt på 3 plader
  • Spilletid: ca. 624 minutter
  • Audio: Engelsk DD1.0 Mono (+ fransk, spansk)
  • Undertekster: Engelsk, spansk
  1. The Good-Time News
  2. What Is Mary Richards Really Like?
  3. Who's in Charge Here?
  4. Enter Rhoda's Parents
  5. It's Whether You Win or Lose
  6. Rhoda the Beautiful
  7. Just Around the Corner
  8. But Seriously, Folks
  9. Farmer Ted and the News
  10. Have I Found a Guy for You
  11. You've Got a Friend
  12. It Was Fascination, I Know
  13. Operation: Lou
  14. Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis to New York
  15. The Courtship of Mary's Father's Daughter
  16. Lou's Place
  17. My Brother's Keeper
  18. The Georgette Story
  19. Romeo and Mary
  20. What Do You Do When the Boss Says 'I Love You'
  21. Murray Faces Life
  22. Remembrance of Things Past
  23. Put on a Happy Face
  24. Mary Richards and the Incredible Plant Lady
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